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The bodies are also eloquent reminders of the sufferings of our ancestors. This discrepancy is a product of chemistry; low bogs are alkaline, nutrient-rich, and their high lime content dissolves flesh while preserving bones.

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His face, with its wrinkles, reddish stubble and hair, was alarmingly well-preserved. A braided leather rope around his neck revealed that he had been garrotted As they eased a large block of cut peat away from the side of the pit, they found themselves staring at the face of a corpse.

Unfortunately, the peat cutting machinery had already severed one of his hands, a foot and a leg by the time it was stopped. The carving is nine feet high and would have dominated the flat landscape of the bog. Having committed adultery always has been a crime and in the case of Windeby Girl, she may have been caught and sentenced to death as punishment.

Their dismembered remains were flung into the waters, along with their weapons and one of the boats that had, perhaps, brought them to the battlefield where they had met their deaths. A pair of idols, one male, the other female, found at Ostholstein in Schleswig-Holstein and dating to B.

He is believed to have lived around AD. Archaeology and Science Forensic science and the use of modern technology have had a huge impact on the archaeology and continuous preservation of bog bodies.

For years scientists puzzled over the death of Grauballe Manfound in Denmark—his throat was cut and his head smashed in, suggesting a ritual of several stages—but it is now known that the damage to his skull was caused by the weight of the peat around him. The stomach of the Kayhausen Boy, for example, contained two apple cores, that he must have been killed in autumn or winter.

A cape was found near him. Bodies unearthed by hand were much more likely to survive intact than those exhumed by the modern, heavily-mechanised peat extraction industry. Bodies are not the only remains preserved in the bogs of northern Europe. However, they are also typically found during the process of cutting peata form of compressed vegetation that can be used for fuel and other purposes.

Their search for new lands inevitably brought them into conflict with rival groups. It could even be that he lived on land that did not have flourishing harvest, making him sick and unable to live any longer. The stubble and facial features of Tollund Man are particularly well preserved.

Bocksten Man is one of the latest of the bog bodies.

The Windeby Girl / Bog Body / Germany

Her facial features are so poorly preserved, it would have been impossible to tell the mummy's sex, if her hair hadn't been preserved. Recent studies of Windeby I have suggested that the shaved hair phenomenon in some bog bodies may simply attest to one side of the head being exposed to oxygen slightly longer than the other.

The punishment varies to suit the crime.

Week 4- Bog bodies and the Ice Man

Similarly, the bog bodies known as Tollund Man and Elling Woman were found a short distance apart in the same bog near Silkeborg in Denmark. X-ray is a very important step in uncovering the bog bodies as it can draw a picture of a body in the peat, which can then be removed without harming it by cutting blindly.

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When Yde Girl was excavated, the diggers accidentally caused a wound to the skull. The Ballachulish figure photographed just after its discovery, and before it was allowed to dry out.

The windeby girls

Another questions the activities of caveman during the day. Bog chemistry There are a limited number of bogs which have the correct conditions for preservation of mammalian tissue. The evidence suggests that the boy had been murdered, possibly as a sacrifice or a punishment. The partial remains of the two men, both killed around years ago, have been preserved by the peat in which they were buried.

Bog Body - Notable Bog Bodies

The Osterby Man had his hair done up in elaborate braids. He was bound with leather thongs, wrapped tightly around his body.

High methane emissions dominated annual greenhouse gas balances 30 years after bog rewetting. Archaeological research In the case of the "mummies" of Cladh Hallan, the burials have been interpreted as a primitive method of embalming important individuals. They were evidently stabbed, beaten to death, throttled or hanged.

The Mystery of the Windeby Bog Bodies Windeby I (known also as the ‘Windeby Girl’ until recently) is a bog body hat was discovered in a peat bog located in the town of Windeby, near Schleswig, in the northern part of Germany.

(Recent studies of Windeby I have suggested that the shaved hair phenomenon in some bog bodies may simply attest to one side of the head being exposed to oxygen slightly longer than the other). Scans have shown that she suffered from a spine condition known as scoliosis.

When, where, how was the body found? Description of the body. In near Windeby, Germany,(refer to source ) a naked corpse of a teenage girl was found in a owners had decided to cut the peat and sell it for fuel when the owner came across the body.

Like that of most other bog bodies, the Yde girl’s skin and features are still preserved due to the tannic acid in the marsh water. Though found well preserved, the peatcutters’ tools had.

Bog bodies have been variously found with cut throats, severed limbs, broken bones, ropes around the neck, entrails pulled through the skin, and other marks that suggest the possibility that they were ritually killed or murdered. Windeby I is the name given to the bog body found preserved in a peat bog near Windeby, Northern Germany, in Until recently, the body was also called the Windeby Girl, since an archeologist believed it to be the body of a year-old girl, because of its slight build.

Bog bodies windeby girl
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