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The young boy who had been starving already took the chance to voraciously devour the delightful cuisines served on the table. I brought a handkerchief to my mouth. He had for some time now been asking me to join the Minviluz Orchestra, his private band. If you combine dishes and flatware from different periods and styles, make sure that they share similar proportion or complementary lines.

Years ago, when they were younger, these ladies studied solfeggio with Josefina and the piano and harp with Alicia. Unless Grandmother had forgotten, the fifteen centavos for the baker down Progreso Street — and how l enjoyed jingling those coins in my pocket.

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Aida and l could laugh together with the gods. But no matter; it would be a silence full of voices. The Bread of Salt by NVM Gonzalez sually I was in bed by ten and up by five and thus was ready for one more day of my fourteenth year.

I was too dumbstruck by my own meanness to hear exactly what Aida said in answer to my greeting. To guard it from harm, I watched my steps and avoided the dark street corners. My short, brown arm learned at last to draw the bow with grace.

The Bread of Salt, by NVM Gonzalez

Only the slightest scraping could be heard because the servants were barefoot As Aida directed them to place the instrument near the seats we occupied, my heart leaped to my throat.

They were very devout, and the Buenavista ladies admired that. I mumbled something, I did not know what. As Pete directed the band, his eyes glowed with pride for his having been part of the big event. In New York, he reported, a millionaire had offered me a Stradivarius violin, with a card that bore the inscription: Then, to the tune of "Joy to the World," we pulled the Progreso Street shopkeepers out of their beds.

We played while the party gathered around the great table at the end of the sala. I looked around quickly but could not see her. And why did it have a pair of lips convulsed into a painful frown. The women's club matrons would hustle about, disguising their scurrying around for cakes and candies as for some baptismal party or other.

In one of his sporadic yet usual daydreaming, he imagines himself as the destined one for Aida. I waited for the soft sound of their fall on the garden-shed roof. It was perhaps on my violin that her name wrought such a tender spell. We found ourselves alone at the counter; and we watched the bakery assistants at work until our bodies grew warm from the oven across the door.

The Chinese merchants were especially generous. Individual loaves are shaped like garrison caps due to its unique method of fo…rming.

Unless Grandmother had forgotten,… the fifteen centavos for the baker down Progreso Street - and how I enjoyed jingling those coins in my pocket.

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His feelings toward the girl motivated him to persevere on being a good violinist. Our own Albert Spalding. In class I would not allow a lesson to pass unmastered. And why did it have a pair of lips convulsed into a painful frown. They were very devout, and the Buenavista ladies admired that.

At night when the house was quiet I would fill the sheets with words that would tell Aida how much I adored her. The Bread of Salt, by NVM Gonzalez.

What's the morale and setting of the story

About; History; Reservations; the stone fence of the Spaniard’s compound set off the house as if it were a castle. Sunrise brought a wash of silver upon the roofs of the laundry and garden sheds which had been built low and close to the fence.

Presidential Museum and Library. 2/F Kalayaan Hall. The bread of salt! How did it get that name? From where did its flavor come, through what secret action of flour and yeast? At the risk of being jostled from the counter by early buyers. The story started and ended with pandesal or bread of salt.

These are the brown color, crusty, and crispy kind of bread that complement every Filipino’s breakfast. We. Transcript of THE BREAD OF SALT by NVM Gonzales. THE BREAD OF SALT by NVM Gonzales Story: Characters Story: Point of View The Bread Of Salt December afternoon, Pete was at the door of their classroom.

Pete was as if to tell him a secret. Setting 's, Philippines Bakeshop Don Esteban's house School Street. "Bread of Salt" is about a teenage boy who is chasing his dreams ofbecoming a famous violinist and of marrying a girl named gabrielgoulddesign.comhout the story he works towards his viol inist dreams and isalways daydreaming about Aida.

The bread of salt is a type of breadcalled Pan de sal that his grandmother has him buy from the localstore.

Setting: 's Philippines Bakeshop Don Esteban's House School Street Summary: The story is all about a teenage boy who buys pan de sal or ‘bread of salt’ because of its wonderful flavor.

Every day, he walks by the house of the old Spaniard’s niece, Aida, whom the boy liked.

He would follow her everyday to .

Bread of salt setting
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Summary and Review of "The Bread of Salt," a short story by N.V.M. Gonzales