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Land rehabilitation and augmentation of usable land Since when the Chinese Government promulgated the "Regulations on Reclamation of Land", great progress has been made in the rehabilitation of abandoned land. China attaches great importance to the Agenda and has made great efforts to its implementation.

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In addition to these steps, the Chinese Government has managed construction planning so that construction projects will utilise areas which are not useful for agricultural purposes.

Chanbai Mountain last erupted in They brought it on themselves. Governments, private sectors, civil society and international organizations should foster a sense of community of shared interests and establish all-round partnership in playing respective role in global development cooperation.

The first coins date back to ancient Egypt in B. Efforts should also be made to develop circular economy, cultivate awareness of green consumption and promote the lifestyle of thrift. State Land Administration is a governmental agency responsible for overall management of the land use in China.

It has also drawn up the utilisation and management control system which provides rational regulations on the location and scale of the land for urban and other kinds of construction. The Government has put forward a number of general strategic objectives and countermeasures: China is the largest exporter in the world.

Countries should integrate addressing the climate change into their national development strategies, attach equal importance to mitigation and adaptation, increase capabilities of accommodation to the climate change and strengthen multilateral and bilateral dialogue and cooperation on the climate change.

Position papers may serve as a starting point for negotiations and debate at the Conference. Countries should formulate economic policies suited to their national conditions, promote economic restructuring and upgrading and change unsustainable consumption and production patterns.

China will implement the measures announced by President Xi Jinping during his attendance at Summits Marking the 70th Anniversary of the UN, provide other developing countries with support in financing, technology and capacity building and offer more public goods for the global development cause.

The United Nations and its specialized agencies should help the member states improve their capabilities to implement the Agenda. Copying and pasting position papers from a word-processing document is the easiest way to ensure correct submission.

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It is the first time to comprehensively integrate development issues into the global macroeconomic policy coordination framework at the summit level and enhance development issues to a prominent position.

They think a joke about Kim Jung-un is serious news. Efforts should be made to strengthen infrastructure connectivity and international cooperation in industrial capacity to achieve complementarity among countries.

As a result of their efforts farmers have gained profits. But "it's great when it happens. The management system, which focuses on the identification of ownership, registration, and granting of certification, has been established for the rural collective land ownership, reclamation, and development.

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China's UN reform position paper, which was released Tuesday, clarified its viewpoints about the United Nations' development and Security Council reform, said Chinese experts Wednesday. BEIJING: China should put more focus on building civilian facilities on islands in the South China Sea and less emphasis on the military to better sooth regional fears about China's intentions, an influential state-run paper said on Wednesday.

BEIJING (Reuters) - Massively stepped-up security in China’s restive far western region of Xinjiang has helped prevent “great tragedy”, a state-run newspaper said on Monday, in the country’s first response to a critical United Nations report on the situation there.

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