Geodemographic clustering

Constraining factors include the reconciling of employment statistics to labour market totals at the CMA and provincial levels. Advertising space purchased which the paper may insert wherever they see fit. The clustering creates a single segment code that is represented by a descriptive statement or a thumbnail sketch.

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It is usually connected to a diesel generator that kicks in as soon as the batteries have begun to be needed. Programs tell the computer what to do in a step-by-step fashion.

The geodemographic data that this provides can then be used by marketers to target information towards those that they want to influence.

You cannot call up a record instantly from an off-line database. White mail Mail received from a buyer or donor who has not included the response device, so you cannot determine the source code of the offer which promoted his purchase or gift. Regression Used in the phrase Multiple Regressions.

ESRI Community Tapestry[ edit ] This method classifies US neighborhoods into 65 market segments, based on socioeconomic and demographic factors, then consolidates these 67 segments into 14 types of LifeModes with names such as "High Society", "Senior Styles", and "Factories and Farms".

Of course, findings are disguised where necessary to protect the proprietary interests of our clients. Technologies employed The information technologies employed in geodemographic segmentation include geographic information system and database management software.

Divide the response from a segment by the overall response, subtract 1 and multiply by This can be in the form of sales, services or even political information.

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Bits If a byte is like an atom in computer language, a bit is like an electron. Often, it also uncovers characteristics of the market that are not obvious and identifies ways of dividing and approaching the market that will be particularly effective.

In Australia, geoSmart is mainly used for database segmentation, customer acquisition, trade area profiling and letterbox targeting, although it can be used in a broad range of other applications.

New systems targeting subgroups of the population are also emerging. Tiger A Census system for mapping the entire United States by Blocks, complete with roads and other landmarks. The articles on this web site are available to the general public to read, enjoy and for limited business use.

Success is measured by retention of customers. Neighborhoods can be categorized in terms of the characteristics of the population which they contain. Agent The word for a telephone operator in a modern inbound call center in a company that takes a lot of customer service and sales calls.

Batch mode If you have received 10, replies to a mailing, you can update your master file with these replies in one batch. Seeds Names of yourself, friends, relatives, or employees inserted in a direct mail mailout to track delivery and quality, and to safeguard against unauthorized mailings.

Respondent Someone who has answered a direct response letter or advertisement. The Self-Organizing Map technique identified four segments: Combining these builds a picture of the population characteristics in different locations.

Query A question designed to retrieve information from a database. In Australia, geoSmart is mainly used for database segmentation, customer acquisition, trade area profiling and letterbox targeting, although it can be used in a broad range of other applications.

Another word for Database Marketing. Computation Period The number of years from now that you can safely project customer lifetime value.

Urban Science (ISSN ) is an international, scientific, peer-reviewed, open access journal of urban and regional studies published quarterly online by first issue has been released in March The European Cool Roofs Council (ECRC) and Society for Urban Ecology (SURE) are affiliated with Urban Science.

Open Access free for readers, free publication for well-prepared. Geodemographic analysis became increasingly sophisticated with the availability of electronic Census data, the enumeration of smaller Census units, such as block groups, and advancement of.

Glossary of Direct Marketing Terms by Arthur Middleton Hughes Abandonment As in the phrase "call abandonment".

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This refers to people who, being placed on hold in an incoming call, elect to hang up ("abandon") the call. Daytime Population.

Geodemographic segmentation

An estimate of the working population aged 15 to 64 at the DA level based on labour force participation rates is subtracted from the Census of Canada Population and the current-year demographic Estimates and Projections.

Purchase Practical Predictive Analytics and Decisioning Systems for Medicine - 1st Edition. Print Book & E-Book. ISBN The increase in average distance from home to secondary school over recent decades has been accompanied by a significant growth in the proportion of pupils travelling to school by motorized means as opposed to walking or cycling.

Geodemographic clustering
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