The padaung custom

An interesting piece by Justkeeprunning. Some say it was to protect the women from tiger attacks in the jungle, as tigers usually attack humans by biting their throats. The coil, once on, is seldom removed, as the coiling and uncoiling is a lengthy procedure. The neck was carefully smeared with a salve and massage for several hours, after which a priest would fit small cushions under the first ring-usually made of bronze - to prevent soreness.

A Padaung women of marriageable age will probably have had her neck extended by about 25 cms. The custom is more than just a rare and strange expression of feminine beauty, the number and value of the rings confers status and respect on the wearer's family.

Some young girls actually look forward to the additions because they rarely see what their necks look like until their old set of rings is removed and new ones are added.

The Padaung refugee camps have become one of the most popular Thailand tourist attractions. For them, having long neck is the symbol of wealth, position and beauty. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

There are several theories surrounding the origins of the custom. The Padaung like to live in river valleys wherever they can. The government of Myanmar began discouraging neck rings as it struggled to appear more modern to the developed world. In latemost of the young women who entered the refugee camp removed their rings.

Further muddying the issue is the refugee status of the women. For centuries, young girls of the Padaung tribe in Southeast Asia have endured this painful process as a rite of passage, and must continue to bear this burden through their entire lives to remain true to one of their most ancient customs.

Life on Inle Lake.

These severe decorations express the Padaung women's own concept of beauty and social ranking but there are other theories concerning the origins ofthese rings.

It is usually only removed to be replaced by a new or longer coil.

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However, Valentin believes there are other solutions. Rings are worn also on the calves. After removing the rings, women report discomfort that fades after about three days. The cushions were removed later on. Each home had a spacious, open terrace where the Padaung sat in the shade in front to their looms, spinning and weaving cotton textiles, blankets and tunics.

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On Earth I am sure that certain people who this apauls just as other modifications would. Additionally, the collar feels like an integral part of the body after ten or more years of continuous wear. These are all questions you should ask yourself.

This section needs additional citations for verification. Unlike normal accessories, these rings are for life and may only be removed with the direst of results. The increased contact with Westerners influenced a number of the women to leave the tribe and further their education.

Long Neck Karen tribe - The Padaung. The women who wear these brass rings on their neck belong to a sub-group of the Karen tribe known as the Padaung. There are different accounts of why the Padaung practice this bizzare custom. Their own mythology explains that it is done to prevent tigers from biting them!

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Find art you love and shop high-quality art prints, photographs, framed artworks and posters at % satisfaction guaranteed. (CULTURAL FACTS) Whatever the origin of the custom, one of the more common reasons it continues today, particularly in Thailand, is tourism.

Although the Padaung have migrated to Thailand from Burma in only the last ten year), they have become the most popular "attraction" for hill-tribe trekking tourists. The Padaung Custom In the wild mountainous regions of Burma (known as Myanmar there), there lives a Padaung tribe, where the Padaung women are known by wearing brass rings around their necks for life.

The Padaung men were conspicuous by their absence, out in the fields tending crops. At first glance, the Padaung appear to belong to a different continent than Asia, their green and purple headresses, white caftans and shining ornaments suggesting some African tribe or even the Plain Indians of old.

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The padaung custom
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